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Intentional Easter Traditions

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Intentional Easter Traditions

Intentional Easter Traditions.

If you have read much on this blog, you know that intentionally passing down our faith to our children is incredibly important to us. Family dinners, fun activities, spending time in the garden and even every day moments have proven great ways to share spiritual truths with our children.

Easter is especially important to us, for without Christ’s death on the cross, there is no forgiveness of sins.

Our Traditions

Our family is still relatively young, so we are working on traditions.
The tradition of the Easter Lamb Roast is a bit over our children’s heads just now.

We do Easter gifts from us to the children, in a basket. Usually a book and a couple of small things. Just as a reminder of the greatest gift that God has given us.

We do new Easter outfits, I hope to share how when we accept Christ as Lord, we take off our old self and put on the new self.

Reading is big in our home. We have a bunch of Easter themed ones that we make sure to read around Easter time to help remind the children that it is not about the bunny, candy, or eggs.

I have ordered a few things that we hope to incorporate this year. I mention them below.

I am planning on doing some crafts with them this week to use the time to talk about Easter.

That is where we are right now.

More Tradition Ideas For You

I have a whole Pinterest board full of Easter Ideas focused on Jesus. Many are simple crafts that you can do with toddlers. It does not have to be complicated. Just taking the time just to do something with them focused on Christ can have a great impact. Do not worry if they do not turn out just like the Pinterest pictures, that is not what this is about. It is giving you the opportunity to share what Easter is really about.

Here are some more fun and memorable ways to help you be intentional about sharing the true meaning of Easter with your children.

{This post contains affiliate links. This means that when you order through my links, I get a small commission, but you price does not change.}

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story. I grew up reading the Berenstain Bears, so I love that I can share these often faith-filled stories with my children. We got this book a few year ago, and we read it fairly regularly, especially around Easter time.

Resurrection Eggs
Rediscover a perennial Easter classic! Each of these twelve colorful plastic eggs holds a different memory-grabbing object to take Jesus’ journey to the cross and beyond right into children’s hearts-from home to the classroom to the neighborhood hunt. The English/Spanish bilingual booklet uses simple language for children. Discover how the anticipation, surprise, and experience of Resurrection Eggs has helped Easter come alive for children around the globe. There is also The Benjamin Box: The Story of the Resurrection Eggs book to go along with the set.
I just ordered our set last night, but I have used these in children;s ministry for years. It is a lot of fun, and the children love it. I cannot wait to do it with our children.

From the makers of Star From Afar, The Easter Story Egg.
The Easter Story Egg is a tradition that celebrates the true meaning of Easter. This family activity includes a hardcover book and 7 wooden nesting Eggs. The Story Egg book begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday. Each Egg within the set of nesting Eggs has a story that relates to a particular day in Holy Week, leading up to Easter Sunday. As the children open each Egg they will discover the Easter story and the journey of Jesus through Passion week. Finally, on Resurrection Sunday the child will open the smallest Egg to find it empty because JESUS HAS RISEN!

Resurrection Tomb Hunt. Eggs designed to bring meaning to your Easter Egg Hunts. Each egg is a color representing a Spiritual Truth, and contains Scripture to go along with it.

Egglo Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Kit. When did Easter become about presents, candy and a rabbit? Egglo is a glow in the dark Easter egg game with a Christian message. The glowing eggs represent Jesus – God’s light of the world (GLOW). It’s a powerful lesson your kids will remember. In The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure (interactive storybook) kids search for glowing eggs, just like your kids will do. The eggs lead the kids on a fun adventure, learning biblical lessons, and hunting for the greatest treasure of all, Jesus. Kids learn about Jesus in a fun, memorable way.

After Easter uses include: Leave on a doorstep with a note, or even mail one! Great for Sunday school lessons and crafts. Fun lunchbox surprises. Cool party favors or prizes. Light up scavenger hunts or birthday games.
The kit contains everything you need to start your adventure.

Egg-cellent Easter Adventure storybook, Egg-cellent Easter Adventure narrated book on DVD (25 mins), Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs, 12 Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls, 12 Bible Verse Scroll Stickers, Glow in the dark event program curriculum. A step by step guide to plan an event, including printable invitations, coloring pages, cut outs and more. You can also purchase the Scripture Scrolls separately.

The Parable of the Lily.
This is a fun books that I have used for years, both with our children and in children’s ministry. It is beautifully illustrated and is a great teaching tool.

God Gave Us Easter.
We checked this one out at our library and the children love it. The God Gives Us Series has been a fun one for us.

The Shepherd’s Treasure and the Lost Sheep
Your kids can follow their Shepherd and his donkey friend on his quest to find his lost sheep! Jesus came on Easter to save his lost sheep from sin and death. Just as a shepherd rejoices when one of his lost sheep is found, all of Heaven rejoices when one of God’s lost sheep is saved. With some help from the Easter Quest Cards, every day of your Shepherd’s journey to find his lost sheep will reveal a different part of Jesus’ journey to the cross. On Easter, your kids can find their Shepherd embracing his little lamb and rejoicing that Jesus is risen! I hope you’ll join us this Easter as we make Jesus the reason to celebrate!

Easter Story Stones
Let your child tell the Easter Story in his/her own words! These Story Stones are a meaningful way to celebrate Easter beyond all the candy and egg hunts… this set of Easter images helps remind children of the reason that Easter is celebrated: the Resurrection of Christ! Story Stones can be used by parents or educators to guide a story along and encourage creativity. These adorable tools promote language growth, social communication, and engagement in imaginative play. Just open the bag, pick a stone at random, and begin telling the story! INCLUDES: – 9 painted stones with images from the Easter Story: palm branch (Palm Sunday), bread & wine (the Last Supper), silver pieces (the betrayal of Judas), a rooster (the cock crowing), a crown of thorns (Jesus’s suffering), 3 crosses (the crucifixion), dice (lots cast over Jesus’s garments), the sealed tomb, and a rising sun (resurrection). – Canvas drawstring bag for storage- A printed card explaining the concept of Story Stones. Each stone is painted with acrylics on a natural marble tile and sealed with a protective varnish. Sizes of each stone vary, but most measure around 2-3 inches.

What is Easter?
Our children love this one. It is perfect for toddlers and younger children.

Do you have any special traditions for Easter?

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