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Best Garden Finds

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Garden season is here! Today I am sharing some of my favorite garden finds.

Garden supplies and tools.

I absolutely love being able to putter around in the garden. There is something about getting dirt under my nails tending plants that is relaxing and therapeutic.

Science is actually finding that there are many benefits to getting dirty in the garden. Boosting your mood and immune system, reducing stress, and it is also considered exercise. [Source]

I have share about the many spiritual lessons that I have learned in the garden both here on the blog and the podcast.

“I love my garden, and I love working in it. To potter with green growing things, watching each day to see the dear, new sprouts come up, is like taking a hand in creation, I think. Just now my garden is like faith – the substance of things hoped for.”

― Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne’s House of Dreams

My Favorite Garden Finds

Garden Book Finds

Gardening takes a bit of knowledge. I grew up helping my granddaddy and mom in the garden, so much of what I know was passed down from them.

I know that not everyone is able to learn in this way though. Here are some books that I have found helpful and informative, even if a lot of it I already knew.

One of the wonderful things about life is you rarely ever learn everything there is to know on a subject!

Also, there are some awesome homesteading and garden accounts on Instagram and TikToc that have great educational clips.


Most of the seed companies that I love are small companies that provide heirloom seeds. I am seed saving more and more, but these are great places to start.

Eden Brothers

Free Heirloom Seeds

Strictly Medicinal Seeds

Park Seeds

Baker Creek/Rare Heirloom Seeds

Fruition Seeds

Garden Journals

Keep track of your garden happenings with these cute journals.

Garden Tool Finds

Fun and pretty garden tools make getting in the garden that much more fun! Besides being fun and/or pretty, these garden tool finds are highly functional.

Soil Blocking & Seed Starting

Soil blocking is a very efficient, and planet kind, way to start seeds. No need for individual plastic cups. The 2″ blocks give even tomatoes and peppers enough room to get quite large.

Garden Apron Finds

While I love getting my hands dirty, I am not so keen on getting my clothes dirty. I am a huge apron fan, and garden aprons are some of my favorites. Some of these are great for keeping clean, some for tools, some are great for gathering, and some do both!

Composting Garden Finds

Composting is a great way to reduce the waste that you send to the trash. Veggie scraps that you aren’t saving for soups, egg shells, fruit scraps, can all make wonderful fertilizer for your garden. Here are some option for making your own compost for your garden.

Raised Garden Beds

Sometimes raised beds work best for an area, or your physical needs. Theses are adorable and highly functional.

My favorite raised bed design is actually the Garden Tower 2. It is designed to hold 50 plants in a 4 foot square, and to allow you to drop veg scraps into the center to be composted by worms.

The Garden Tower 2 Best Garden Finds

Harvest Basket Garden Finds

These baskets make gathering your bounty fun, and many are also dual purpose-allowing you to use your hose to wash produce over your garden bed to not waste any water.

Green Houses

Sometimes you live in a climate that doesn’t have a long growing season. Maybe you want an outdoor space to start your seeds because inside space is limited (or you have a little one running around dumping seed trays out). Here are some of my favorite green houses.

Misc Garden Finds

Trellises come in handy, but don’t have to be boring. Garden seats make things a little easier on your back. Potting tables are very nice. And of course, sun hats are great to have.

I hope you have found something useful here, let me know in the comments if you have ever used any of these things and what you thought of them!

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