Are Ultimate Bundles Really Worth It?

Today I am sharing about one of my favorite resources, Ultimate Bundles. What are Ultimate Bundles? Ultimate Bundles are bundles of amazing resources on various subjects at discounts of around 98%. From healthy living, to parenting, to homemaking, to name a few of the subjects covered by the bundles. How does it work? You purchase […]

Spring Family Bucket List (With Printable)

I love each of the seasons for their own reasons. I love the new life and growth in spring. Making Memories I try to be intentional about making memories with the children. I made a summer bucket list last year. We really enjoyed it, and it made helped us to be intentional about our time […]

Aprons & Pearl Linkup

Nothing too exciting this week. I have a couple of posts that are almost done, so keep an eye out for those. Other than working on them bits here and there, I have been trying to declutter and clean up, and balance doing stuff with the kids. Trying to have more productive days. Working on […]

Introducing The Aprons & Pearls Link-up

I have been thinking about setting up a link up for quite some time, and I finally made a graphic that, while not quite what I envisioned, will work until I find that perfect image. About the Aprons & Pearls Link-up This will be a Christ-based weekly link-up to encourage others in their walks, and help […]

Effective Natural Weed Killer

Being a country girl at heart, going barefoot in my yard is something I love to do. “Earthing” as it is sometimes called today is something I do not even think about. Walking to the car to grab something, hanging clothes on the line,  and playing with the children, it just does not register in […]