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Blood Building During Pregnancy

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Blood building during pregnancy is very important. Your blood volume increases by about 50%, so you want to make sure your are giving your body everything that it needs to make iron rich blood.

Here is what I am currently using to build up my blood this pregnancy. I am currently not anemic, but, as my blood volume increases, it is wise to make sure my body is getting what it needs to produce that blood.

~I am not a medical professional, this is how my midwives have suggested building up my blood during pregnancies. Please check with your midwife on what is best for you.~

Blood building supplements that I take to avoid anemia during pregnancy

Blood Building Supplement Notes.

These are real-food supplements, which means they are not synthetic.

That means that nutrients available in these supplements are highly bio-available so your body can actually use them.

They are also not isolated forms of any of the key nutrients needed to build healthy blood, but rather have a natural balance of the vitamin and minerals your body needs to utilize them.

It is important to note that some of these nutrients are water-soluble, and some are fat-soluble, so they should be taken with something containing fat for your body to use them properly.

Blood Building Supplements

These supplements are all wonderful sources of the key nutrients that I will share about below. Don’t miss the tips for better absorption at the end of this page

Grass Fed Beef Organs

Grass fed is important! These cows get access to vitamins and minerals that grain fed cows do not.

Beef organs gives a slight different profile of vitamins and minerals essential to blood production and overall body functions and wellness than beef liver alone.

One thing that the mixed organs have is higher levels of enzymes that help your body digest and use what you are consuming.

Grass Fed Beef Liver

The iron content in isolated beef liver is slightly higher than the mixed organs because the liver has the highest iron levels.


While rich in iron, other minerals, and vitamins, it also helps your body produce digestive enzymes which helps your body use what you are taking and eating better.

It supports your liver health and function.

Not iron related, but definitely pregnancy related benefit: it contains compounds that help improve skin elasticity and hydration.

Energy Plus

This made the biggest difference for me after my last birth.

I gave birth to our fifth baby on a Tuesday morning at home. I ended up hemorrhaging pretty badly.

Tuesday and Wednesday morning I was taking beef liver and energy plus every 90 minutes. Wednesday morning I ran out of the first bottle I had. So just kept up with the liver.

Wednesday evening I was feeling wiped out again. Thursday felt much worse than Wednesday morning.

Friday afternoon I remembered I had another bottle downstairs. Within a couple of hours of starting it back I was feeling so much better. Not 100%, still felt sorta weak, but not like I had been before.

It contains herbs that help your body build up its iron.

Beet and Orange Juice

I am currently making my own based on Just Made Beet juice because our Costco does not carry it (I found it in Texas when visiting family).

The vitamin c in oranges and beets helps your body absorb the nutrients needed.

The beta-carotene (vitamin a) in the carrots is also useful for blood building (see below).

Of course beets are a good source of iron, folate, copper, and B6 as well.

I can definitely tell a difference in the days that I have a beet orange juice. I have a lot more energy.

Oyster Min

Contains many of the minerals that support your body’s use of iron, as well as red blood cell production and function. It is harder to find in stock, so if you catch it, be sure to grab a couple.

This is another supplement that I can tell if I miss a day! I cannot describe it other than I feel almost like superwoman when I am taking regularly.

Vitamin D Cream

Vitamin D is important for blood health as well as many other functions within the body.

Transdermal absorption is actually more effective for building levels in your blood. That is why I opt for this type of vitamin d over oral supplements.

The best way to get your vitamin d is 15 minutes of bare skin in the sun several times a week. This is not possible all of the time though.

This cream is also rich in vitamin a, which is also important for blood building.

Blood Building Nutrients


Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is a major part in many bodily functions. Deficiency can affect your adrenal glands function for instance, which can result in conditions such as anemia, and it is also thought the be a factoring cause of preeclampsia in pregnant women.

It helps your body absorb vitamins and minerals needed to build blood.

B2 is also essential for the production of fresh red blood cells and antibodies in humans, and is important for development and the growth of body tissues (skin, connective tissue, eyes, mucous membranes, nervous system, immune system, reproductive organs) so your pregnant self needs to make sure little one has what they need.

Both beef liver and beef organs contain B2, as does Energy Plus.


Iron is important for red blood cell production, as it helps the body form hemoglobin.

All of the supplements above have various levels of iron, beef liver being the highest.


Zinc is also important for red blood cell production. It helps your body process the iron it is taking in.

Energy Plus, Beef Organs, Beef Liver, and Oyster Min all contain various levels of zinc


Copper plays an important role in iron metabolism and new red blood cell production.

All of the things listed above contain copper.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps maintain the health of existing red blood cells and is important for new red blood cell production as well as general cell production (hello baby!). It is also important for iron metabolism.

All of the supplements above contain vitamin A, except oyster min.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps the body to absorb vitamins and minerals.

Moringa, beet and orange juice, Beef Organs, and Beef liver all contain vitamin C.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 Helps the body maintain the health of existing red blood cells and helps the body synthesize the DNA needed to form new red blood cells.

Oyster Min, Beef Organs, and Beef Liver all contain B12


Helping the body form new red blood cells, folate (natural, useable form of folic acid). Folate is needed for a healthy pregnancy as well.

Folate can be found in beet and orange juice, Energy Plus, Beef Organs, and Beef Liver.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a vitamin that helps protect red blood cells from damage, so it is an important nutrient for blood health.

Vitamin E can be found in moringa, Energy Plus, beef organs, and beef liver.

Vitamin B6

Low levels of B6 have been linked with anemia, especially in pregnant women. It is vital for hemoglobin production.

B6 can be found in Energy Plus, Beef Organs, and Beef Liver

Blood Building Tips

Some tips to help your body absorb these nutrient best:

  • Do take iron with vitamin c.
  • Take your iron supplement with fat
  • Make sure that your supplement had the supporting nutrients that your body needs to use the iron it takes in (copper, zinc, selenium, etc)
  • Do not take iron two hours before or after calcium rich foods as calcium blocks the absorption of iron.
  • Be sure that you are getting enough good quality proteins. Protein is important for blood building. I follow the Brewer Pregnancy diet.

Are you intentional about blood building during pregnancy? Have you ever used any of these to help build your blood?

Here are some postpartum essentials (including nutritional information).

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