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I am Robbi, a thirty-something, Christ following, wife and stay at home mama to five (soon to be six) young children.

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I do not know where my life would be without Him. I am striving hard to follow Him on this long road of life. My desire is to be His hands and feet to the world and to be a good stewardess of the blessings He has entrusted me with.

I have been blessed with the opportunity of being part of some wonderful ministries and short term missions trips. I have a heart for youth and children’s ministries, as well as missions. I just realized as I type this that I have been involved with children’s ministries in one form or another for more than half my life now! Please see my Statement of Faith for more on what I believe.

The Lord has seen fit to bless us with six sweet littles.

Though we planned to have our first at home, he was born without pain medication in the hospital  (I would by no means call his birth natural, not the way that hospital does it). Because of the way I had to labor, our son ended up in NICU for the first five days of his life. Thankfully we had a short stay, and he is a strong healthy boy (and we had no trouble breastfeeding). Our daughter was born at home with a lovely midwife. Her birth was a wonderful, healing experience. I have since had our three other sons at home in wonderful homebirths. 

Even though it is challenging, I thoroughly enjoy staying home with them and we are homeschooling our children. 

Words that describe our natural living include: attached, respectful, natural minded, crunchy, breastfeeding, tandem nursing, baby wearing, home birthing, natural birthing, cosleeping, bed sharing, chiropractic loving, natural remedy using, essential oil using, homeschooling, and cloth diapering (to list a few). I will likely be posting on these topics over time, so please keep an eye out.

I fancy myself natural-minded. Some call that being ‘crunchy’, my hunny calls me a hippie. We as a family are working on becoming healthier, and ridding our home of chemical ladened cleaners, hygiene products, and medicines, opting for natural products whenever possible.

I enjoy soap making, cooking, preserving our garden grown foods (dehydrating, canning and freezing), and making the products and foods that I can. We are not exclusively organic and grass fed, but we are trying to get there. 

I do still enjoy a vanilla soda on occasion, but it is a process, right? I am trying to make some of our favorite recipes into healthier, real food recipes.

Not that there is much time for such things, but some of my hobbies/past times/interests include: reading, pen pal letter writing, movie watching, traveling, history, web design, photography, crocheting, collecting autographs, crafting, sewing, drawing, and painting.

Some interests I have that, since they are more practical, I can work in to our schedule are: gardening, jam making, canning,  and cooking.

At times I feel like I could live in eras past. I really am just an old soul, and painfully old fashioned.

I long for the days when swearing was considered vulgar, people connected and helped out their neighbors, women were ladies and men gentlemen, small courtesies were common, people had consciences and no sense of entitlement, people had a sense of patriotism,  and life was just simpler. I hope some of this rubs off on the kiddos. I want to train our children up that way.

My favorite authors include: Deeane Gist, Lawana Blackwell, Cathy Marie Hake, Jane Austin, C.S. Lewis, LMM Montgomery, Agatha Christie, Sally Clarkson, Samuel Martin, and JRR Tolkien.

Random favorites…I love sky blue, aprons (the one I am wearing in the picture at the top of the page was my great-grandmother’s), recipes, gardenias, sunflowers, Charlie Brown, bubbles, getting mail, pear decor, and sleep.

I hope this blog will inspire, teach, encourage and help you, if nothing else than to know that you are not alone.

So, grab a snack and a cup of tea (or beverage of your choice) and join me as I try to figure out these things called life, motherhood and housekeeping.

I have also contributed to the following posts on various sites.

7 thoughts on “About Robbi

  1. Oh Robbi, you had me with this>>>>>> “I long for the days when swearing was considered vulgar, people connected and helped out their neighbors, women were ladies and men gentlemen, small courtesies were common, people had consciences and no sense of entitlement, people had a sense of patriotism, and life was just simpler.” ME TOO!!! I guess that makes me an old soul, as well. I am so glad you joined us at The Loft today. I know you will find it to be a wonderful place of fellowship and community. Our hope is that it is a quiet place where each of us can relax and visit. Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  2. Hi, Robbi! I am also from The Loft link-up. I so enjoyed reading your blog post and learning about you…very inspiring! I look forward to connecting more in the coming weeks.

  3. I am so glad you joined us here at the loft. You make me proud that the next generation doesn’t follow right after the other in the death step. Someone has to move into the light and you’re doing it. I can’t wait to hear your “old soul” ideas, viewpoints and humor. Blessings ~ Chris~ Coming to you from The Loft. A little late but not absent…..long story but traveling in the heartland and a bad case of food poisoning kept me aloft (funny play with words, but true)

  4. Hi Robbi – joining you from the Loft and thank you for sharing! I am very interested to hear more about your healthy living. I want to make changes too, but am not even sure where to begin, especially avoiding the chemicals! I am really looking forward to learning more about you and to see you continue in your walk with the Lord! Blessings my friend 🙂

  5. Hi, Robbi! I’m stopping by from the Loft. 🙂 I just love “old souls” because they are my kind of people, ya know? Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your life.
    Jen 🙂

  6. Hi Robbi! I enjoyed reading your I am statement. I love the ‘old soul’ in you. Though I have very little knowledge of the western culture, I was surprised how we all feel for the same things. This is going to be so much fun getting to know you and all the others at the loft!

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