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Top Outdoor Play Products for Children

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Outdoor play has a whole host of benefits for both children and adults. More and more, science is discovering new ways that being outside and playing outside is beneficial.

Outdoor play equipment is not strictly necessary, but helpful. Here are some fun outdoor play products to help stimulate their imaginations and build their bodies.

girl swinging outside outdoor childhood development

How Ourdoor Play Helps Children’s Development

Outdoor play has many benefits for children and their development. Motor skills-both fine and gross, muscle tone, creativity and imagination, spacial and body awareness, problem solving and executive function skills, immune systems, skeletal systems, mood and stress levels, vitamin d levels. vestibular systems and many more things are developed by outdoor play.

Sand/Water Tables

Sand and water play offer a sensory experience. As noted by, water and sand play:

Enhances motor skills

Improves language and speech

Enhances social and emotional awareness

Introduces concepts of mathematics and science

Sparks creativity

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses help:

Muscle strength

Motor planning (being able to move the body with appropriate timing and sequencing to perform movement with control)

Motor learning (being able to change physical performance from past experience)

Postural control (being able to stabilize the head and trunk so that the limbs can move)

Sensory processing (being able to register, interpret and respond to sensory information in the child’s surrounding and their own body)

Body awareness



Executive functioning (reasoning and thinking skills)

Encourage bilateral integration, which simply means the ability to use both sides of the body in a controlled and coordinated manner.

Give kids the opportunity for tactile play when they’re climbing under and over obstacles

Enhance proprioception (knowing where your limbs are without looking)

Challenges the vestibular system; an important sensory system that tells you where your head is in space! Moving through obstacles aids with development of this essential skill.

Zip Lines and Swings

Swinging helps many systems develop.

The sensory system is developed, inner ear balance is strengthened, nerves are calmed, anxiety lessened, motor skills are developed, and it stimulates brain development.


Climbing develops our spatial awareness, motor skills, & memory

Students who climb show higher academic performance

Kids solve problems by climbing at an early age

When kids climb together, they learn lifelong social skills


Core strength, spacial awareness, body awareness, and obviously balance are developed through balance play.

Outdoor Play Sets

Swing sets combine a lot of the elements above and are a fun addition to the backyard.

Misc Outdoor Play

Some more fun play equipment and pass times to get kids outside and exploring.

Many of these things can be worked into your family bucket lists for spring and summer, and are especially handy if you are participating in the 1,000 hours outside challenge.

What are your favorite ways to play with your children outside?

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