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Best Bible Study Resources & Posts

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Today I am sharing some of the best Bible study resources (most are free Bible study resources) and posts. I have shared before the importance of Bible Study, as well as some of the various techniques that you can use to study the Word on your own. 

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Posts and Articles on Bible Study

These are some of my favorite Bible study related posts and articles. For more posts and resources, you can check out my Pinterest board, Bible Study. 

Bible Studies

Okay, I am a big fan of Bible studies that have you dig in the word for yourself. One reason is that it is important. Commentaries are useful, but you should do your own study of the passage before reading someone else’s take on it. 

A note: there are a lot of mainstream women’s Bible studies that I am not a fan of for various reasons. 

Bible Study Journals

  • The 17:18 Series-This series is pretty awesome. Inside there is space to write out the Scriptures you are reading, then there is space for you to make notes, observations or write prayers about said Scriptures.
  • James Method’s Verse Mapping Journal Verse mapping is a technique used to gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word. It is a method of breaking down a verse by identifying keywords, historical context, alternate translations, and cross-references.
  • Prayerful Planner Much more than a planner! Think Spiritual Growth Planner
  • Not Consumed Prayer Journal I have been using this for a while now and aboslutely love it. While it is prayer focused, there is a spot for you to write in your daily verse.
  • Joyful and Free Paperie Kayla has some great Bible Study tools (especially journals!)

Misc. Tools for Studying the Word

Here are some various useful Bible study resources that I have found helpful.

Best Online Bible Study Resources

  • Olive Tree has a lot of Bible Study Tools-including a free app
  • to the Word can be powerful, and help you ‘see’ it in a different light (so to speak). This site lets you listen to the Word being read by some very talented people.
  • can look up verses, or chapters in almost any translation you could want, plus they have some excellent tools and articles to help you study the Word
  • self explainitory if you ask me, but a very usefully site.
  • put in your verse reference and it brings your verse up in different translations so it might help you see it more clearly. They also have some great tools to aid your study.
  • Blue Letter Bible-Very handy. I like that you can pull up multiple verses at once. There are also a lot of word study tools including the Strong’s Concordance for NASB

Organization For Your Bible Study Tools

Once you get your supplies, you will need a place to keep them. Bible Cover Organizers make it easy to keep all of your Bible Study supplies in one place, but caddies are nice as well. I like to keep my study tools that I use the most in a caddy by our couch. 

What are some of your favorite Bible study resources?

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