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The Titus Two Woman

The Titus 2 Woman We hear a lot about the Proverbs 31 woman, and rightly so. She is an example of excellence in managing a household. We hear less about the Titus 2 woman though. While “she” is just instructions for women, they are instructions for women. I decided to write this series a while… Continue reading The Titus Two Woman

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What You Eat Matters

What do you eat daily? We are trying to eat healthier, to be better stewards of our bodies. Out has gone a lot of junk and in it’s place you will now find healthier options. If it is not in the house, it is less likely to be eaten. Eating healthier nourishes your body. Helps… Continue reading What You Eat Matters

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When People Let You Down

People, will let you down. No matter who it is, at sometime or another, they will let you down in some way. It is especially disheartening when it is a person who claims the name of Christ. Family, friends, celebrities you admire for their stance in today’s media, even church leaders. They will let you… Continue reading When People Let You Down

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My Conflicting Thoughts on Makeup…

I love to get dressed up and look pretty. What girl doesn’t? It feels nice, even if I am wearing jeans to put on a bit of mascara. Makes me feel better about myself. Just enough to enhance my lashes a bit. None of the 3D lash stuff here. Makeup should compliment natural beauty, not… Continue reading My Conflicting Thoughts on Makeup…