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Today I am aerating around my plants a bit. The rain has packed the soil down considerably. says:

As the soil becomes compacted, it loses more and more space to hold oxygen. Without oxygen, the plant’s vascular systems are not able to function properly and their roots are unable to absorb water. Microbes and organisms that live in soil also need oxygen to survive.


Large or dense root structures can cause soil compaction in landscape beds. Plants that have flourished in the past may suddenly wilt, drop leaves and not bloom, as they are unable to respire from soil compaction around their roots. This can also happen to large potted plants in time as well.

How Does This Apply to Our Walk with God?

In the book of Acts (15:36-16:5), we are told God allowed the ministry of Paul and Barnabas to be divided.

As a result Paul continued ministering with Silas and brought in Timothy.

They went one way and the ministry God was using Barnabas in went another, allowing each minister to grow and spread roots in different directions.

Often we get nice and comfy where we are and God breaks things up because He knows we are creatures of comfort.  

We like to feel settled and cozy where we are.

Moving away from the area I grew up in, leaving my church, all my friends and the ministries I was a part of, to a place more than an hour (and what seems like a world) away has been challenging, but has allowed and encouraged me to grow in the Lord.

To rely on Him more fully. To turn to Him in prayer more.

Just some more ponderings from the garden. I have shared about Lessons From The Garden before. I have talked about Salt and it’s effectiveness as a weed killer and spiritual lessons there. My Newest post in the series is Compost and my Walk With Christ.


8 thoughts on “Aerating

  1. Praying that God will use you in your new living in a new area and struggling at the moment, but I think it generally takes at least a good year to settle into a new town.

  2. Sometimes we need to be removed from our comfort zones to be in a place where God wants us! I pray that you will find comfort in your new environment, and make a home away from home!

  3. Just as a garden changes with the seasons, so does a healthy, growing Christian. Sometimes we think stability is a synonym for rut. Roots grow. They change direction. They go where the nutrients are. So much we can learn from the world God has placed us in!

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