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Breastfeeding Products I Love

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August 1-7th is World Breastfeeding Week.

Breastfeeding Products I Love
Please note, I know that not all moms are able to breastfeed, this post is in no way shaming them!
Moms want what is best for their kids, sometimes due to health issues, that is not mother’s milk.
This post is just to help breastfeeding moms along in their journey.

While natural, breastfeeding is not always easy.

I have been blessed to see it as I grew up, and have had few issues in our breastfeeding journey.

Our son is 3.5 year old and still nurses at night. I have tandem nursed for just over 2 years. I still need to figure out nursing 3 come November, but that’s a ways off yet. I have nursed our two three oldest children to age 5, and at one point in my fourth pregnancy I was nursing the older three.

Breast milk never loses its benefits for your child. In fact, it is a great immunity boost.

I have nursed through mastitis thrice and thrush once. Not fun times, and I am writing posts on how to be prepared for those instances. I have also had a babe with a fairly severe oral tie issue (again, more to come on that topic) that nearly had him labeled as failure to thrive.

There are a lot of products for breastfeeding out there, here are my favorites.

Breastfeeding Products

My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillow

Arm and back saver for real. Makes feeding a little one so much easier.

A Good Water Bottle

Hydration is key while breastfeeding, a good water bottle is your friend while nursing! It is recommended that women drink 8 ounces of water for every nursing session (on top of normal water consumption).
I like the Zulu bottles because you can open them one handed, and they are tough. The draw back is that it can be harder using it since it doesn’t have a straw.

We’re had glass CamelBaks and loved them, however they are no longer in production.

Right now I have stainless steel Thermoflask bottles with straw caps. I have replaced the plastic straws they come with with silicone ones from Gosili. I might get a stainless steel Camelbak Eddy as I do like the soft mouthpiece better.

Keeping Hydrated

Water is definitely important, but sometimes you just want something different, or maybe you want some herbs that can help boost supply. Here are some of my favorite teas.

For more ideas on staying hydrated, you can check out my post, Ideas to Stay Hydrated Naturally.

Milk Savers, Haaka ‘Pumps’, & Breastmilk Storage

I wish I had known about this product with our first baby! When B would start nursing, no nursing pad would handle the let down on the other side.

I ended up awkwardly holding a bottle under the side B wasn’t on at the time, and often got several ounces.

With L, I had B to nurse on the other side, so I only used them a few times, but it was great.

The Haakaa style catcher and ‘pump’ are newer, I used them with our 4th and have them ready to go with #5.

There are also more choices for reusable breast milk storage containers now.

Lilly Pads

I liked these much more than the other nursing pads out there. While they did not handle a heavy letdown well (when I would start nursing I would switch to the Haakaa style pump or milk saver), there was no pad line to show, and they are reusable.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

My go-to source for info and troubleshooting with breastfeeding. Great wealth of information that, unfortunately, you are not likely to find elsewhere-at least not in main stream medicine, or mom circles. Knowledge is power, and this is a great source.

Easy Access Nursing Tops

For the most part I use a nursing tank and a large shirt over it to pull up and then pull the tank top down after unsnapping it (the two-shirt method), however, these shirt are some of my favorites that make nursing discreetly much easier.

Breastfeeding Nutrition

Nutrition is very important for nursing women. Here are a few of my favorite resources on the topic:

Currently Free Ebook

A Mother’s Guide To Breastfeeding Nutrition from Earthley Wellness is a wealth of information on the key nutrients breastfeeding moms need. It’s currently free.

These are some of my favorite cookbooks for postpartum and beyond.

Notes About My Breastfeeding Journey

I have never had trouble with latch issues or dry, cracked nipples, so I do not have much experience with those or products to help, however, Earthley Wellness has a Breast Balm that I have heard amazing things about.

Mastitis is something that I have dealt with several times, for more information on how I have dealt with it naturally, check out this post.

Do you have a favorite nursing product that I missed? Have you tried any of these, if so, what did you think?

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  1. Personally, I love wearing nursing tank tops under my normal shirts. They make nursing in public much easier for me. I prefer to remain as covered as I can when I nurse when out and about, so these keep by belly and back covered while allowing my little one easy access to milk.

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