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Beauty Oil

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This beauty oil has been a fairly recent addition to my (minimal) beauty routine. I played around with a few different oils, but finally settled on these.

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Beauty Oil

Beauty Oil

Simply our oils in and give a good shake. Apply 3-4 squirts to face and neck daily, gently. You do not want to pull on skin.

*If you have a tree nut allergy, you will want to be careful if you have not used argan oil before. It is not a nut, but from the stones of fruit, but has been known to cause a similar reaction.

The Oils

There are many oils that you can use, but I really like these for their non-greasy feel, quick absorption, and anti-aging properties. I use it in the morning since I tend to have my face on my pillow most of the night. It leave my skin incredibly soft.

Rose hip oil contains Vitamins A, C, & F as well as antioxidants and fatty acid. Moisturizing and brightening skin. It helps skin regain elasticity.

Minimizes wrinkles and stretch marks (I have been using it on my tummy lately and love it!). It can reduce the effects of eczema as well as dark spots.
Argan oil contains Vitamins A & E, as well as omega 6 fatty acid, and linoneic acid. It reduces wrinkles, tones, helps with acne, reduces stretch marks, and has an anti-aging effect.

There are some essential oils that are good for skin, but I am not a fan of daily use even when I am not expecting, and when I am expecting I try to only use oils if needed, so I would suggest using a smaller pump bottle if you want to do some with rose hip and argan oils with the desired essential oils, so that you can use it a few times a week, alternating with the plain oils.

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