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Pray Without Ceasing

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Prayer As A Lifestyle

Prayer is a critical part of a Christian lifestyle. Jesus, God in human form, prayed. Are we, the servants greater than the master? Certainly not! 

Pray without ceasing.
1 Thessalonians 5:17
Before Christ, people did not have direct access to God. Only the high priest could enter the Holy of Holies, and he could only do it once a year! 
When Christ said “It is finished.” the curtain of the temple was torn from top to bottom symbolizing the way Christ made for us to be able to approach the Lord.
We can talk to God anytime we want-and should turn to Him frequently.
Teaching children how to pray without ceasing. #prayer #trainthemup #pray

Teaching Our Children 

Even now, while our little ones are young, I have tried to make it a habit to pray with them and for them aloud ever chance I get. Being in a spirit of prayer is something I want to pass along to our little ones as part of our faith.

    • When we get up, we thank God for the new day, pray for safety, and that we’d accomplish all God has for us to do on that day. That He would open our eyes to the opportunities He gives us to speak life into live around us. That He would give us the words to say to make the most of those opportunities.
    • We pray before meals.
    • Daddy leaves for work, we pray he will have a safe trip, a good, productive day, and a safe trip home. That God would open his eyes to opportunities given and the words to say to make the most of them.
    • When we hear sirens we pray for the rescue workers and the people they are going to help. What is fun is that they now makes sure I hear the sirens so we can pray.
    • If we see a police officer pulling someone over we pray for their safety and that they would have a good day.
    • On trash collection days, we watch the trucks work from our door (Little Man loves them and waves at the workers), we pray for God to bless the workers and give them a great day.
    • When we drive past people working or waiting out in the cold we pray that the Lord would keep them warm and help them have a good day.
    • We pray for people we hear about on the news or other media (or from another person) who are hurting. Thank God for the people who are making a difference in the world. Pray for our leaders and country.
    • When we see kids at bus stop we pray that they would have a good day at school and that they would be safe. We pray for the Christians attending school, that they would be a bright light in a dark world.
    • If we see kids playing in the neighborhood, we pray that they come to know Christ in a real and powerful way and that they would have a good day.
    • When we see the military jets or someone in military uniform we pray for our military.
    • If we see someone whiz by us on the highway (or cut us off), we pray that God would keep them and those around them safe. (I will admit, it was done rather grudgingly at first, but now it’s a genuine heartfelt thing.)
    • When we see a beautiful flower, sunset, or have fun we thank God for it.
    • If we see someone asking for help by the road, we help if we can (if we don’t have cash we see if we can buy them a meal) and pray for them if we can help or not. I share a bit about why this is so important to us here.
    • If we hear of some celebrity who has cause a stir in the world we pray for them.
    • When the littles falls down or bump themselves we pray that God will help them feel better.
    • If the children are upset, we take time to pray and calm down.
    • There are certain things that I see that will remind me of someone that we know, so we stop and pray for them.

When we’re putting our littles to bed we pray with and for them.

  • Thanking God for them and their milestones they are meeting. For fun things we have done during the day.
  • For stuff we have accomplished.
  • We pray that they would seek the Lord with all that they are, all the days of their lives.
  • That they would wait on the Lord and His timing for their future spouses. That the Lord would prepare amazing, godly spouses for them.
  • That they would stop and think about things before they do them so they can be safe and remember to obey and be sweet.
  • We pray for wisdom and direction and words to speak into every situation as we raise them.
  • We pray for any future children we may be blessed with.
  • We thank God for out family by name and pray for our friends and loved ones.

Prayer is such an important facet of our faith, and trying to pass along our faith, it is important to be intentional about it. I have shared about my prayers in parenting and parenting bucket list as well.

What are some of the ways you teach your children about prayer?

18 thoughts on “Pray Without Ceasing

  1. Such a great post! This is it, for real…I love how you break it down for yourself and your kids. I could learn a lot from you! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I love this, it I simplified to our daily lives. I have a link up for faith post this month, it would be great if you hate this post to encourage others.
    Be blessed,

  3. I really really enjoyed this post. I think a family that prays together definitely stays together. I pray with my daughter in the morning, before meals, and before bed but I am so happy that I read this post because I realize that I really should be praying with her more. Thank you for the inspiration and I will be incorporating more prayer into my home.

  4. This is great! My kids don’t feel like they can go to sleep at night until we pray with them in bed. I’m so glad we started that one simple thing early. These are helpful thoughts for parents~ thanks for sharing!

  5. Really enjoyed this post. Thanks for posting at the loft. This is the true nature of praying without ceasing. You teach it well, my sister, you teach it well. May the Lord bless and keep you…. ~Chris~

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