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Family Dinner Games

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I shared the other day how important intentional family dinners are. Here are some great games and conversation starters to help you connect with your family, as well as help your kids learn language skills (among other things).

Family Dinner Games

The Green Glass Door is a fun game to play, as are going on a picnic, first letter last letterI SPY,  and fortunately unfortunately.
The Family Dinner Project’s Pickles and Predicaments
The Family Dinner Project‘s Dinner Games
She Know’s 5 Games to Play at the Dinner Table

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Dinner Games

Beginner Dinner Games
We have the Beginner Dinner Games set, some of them are still over out children’s heads (our oldest is almost 5), but there are a lot of them that we have enjoyed.

Family Talk.

Conversation Cards
This one is fun because it doubles as a card game.

After Dinner Conversations-Get Smart Trivia Questions

Melissa and Doug Conversation Starters

Q’s Race to the Top On-the-Go Pack: fun questions and activities for practicing social skills, manners, and emotional control!
This one is a lot of fun, but not all of it is doable at the table (crab walking is not really doable at the table), but a lot of it is fine for table time. I really like that it teaches how to handle emotions and how to think things through.

Table Topics

(click on the images below to check them out, or click here to see all of the available sets)
This one is really fun, but there are many editions for almost every occasion.

The To-Go Kids Edition is a great way to start:

Teen Edition

Family Edition

The Family To-Go Trio

Family Gathering Edition

What are your favorite games to play at the table? Have you tried any of these?

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