Effective Natural Weed Killer

A cheap, natural weed killer that you probably already have in your house.... #earthday #banroundup #weeds #gardening @godschicki
Being a country girl at heart, going barefoot in my yard is something I love to do. “Earthing” as it is sometimes called today is something I do not even think about. Walking to the car to grab something, hanging clothes on the line,  and playing with the children, it just does not register in my brain to put on shoes. This has gotten me into trouble. I once had to were a pair of high heels (the only pair of shoes in my car at the time) home after taking my hubby to work because I did not put on shoes, and I couldn’t drive home barefoot (I’m pretty sure it is illegal here). But for the most part it’s not been bad.
I do not really care about weeds much (I love to use dandelion plants for various things), but recently these horrid little weeds began springing up in our yard. They have these very pretty little white flowers. They also have some nasty thorns. They have been everywhere. Not good for bare feet. Not my rather callused ones or my sweet children’s soft ones.
Not wanting to use the chemicals frequently used today for weed control (Monsanto’s Roundup has polluted a good portion-some reports say up to 75%- of rain water, and has even been found in breastmilk as a result, but this is another issue for another day!), I set out to find a natural alternative.
The answer was simple, and cheap. Salt. Yes. Less than $.50 a pound at the grocery. It keeps the roots of the plants from absorbing the nutrients it needs to grow as well as dehydrating the roots.
When applied to the base of the plant I have found it kill very effectively (water the plant when you apply the salt to carry it to the roots). In a few days your plant will be brown and dead. You can also mix it with water and pour on plants. In either case you may want to use a funnel or a piece of paper taped into a funnel to try to keep to the plant in question since salt will kill whatever plant it is put on.
We have had a couple of very small dead spots in out yard, but the weeds are gone (the spots didn’t last long, but the nasty weeds are still gone)! I will not be using this on the weeds in my garden since salt can stay in the soil for a while, preventing growth.
For the garden weeds I will just weed them out a little each day when we garden. One note about weeding-you have to get the roots out or the pesky weed will be right back.
Pouring salt out on weeds brought to mind some spiritual truths.
Spiritual truths from weeds and salt.... #weed #salt #saltandlight #biblestudy #jesus #christian #sin #community @godschicki
If we think of weeds as sin, think of salt as the fellowship with Christ-followers.
In Matthew 5:13, Jesus tells his disciples “You are the salt of the earth.”

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

James 5:16

Being honest and open with each other as Christians is crucial to helping keep sin out of our lives. Will we slip up? Yes. But if there is something we struggle with continually, having an accountability partner (of the same sex) is vital to keeping that sin out of our lives.

Just like the salt keeps the roots of the weed from absorbing nutrients dehydrates them, the ‘salt’ of fellowship keeps the weeds of sin from absorbing nutrients from the soil of our hearts and helps spur us on wards towards the prize, helping us focus not on things of this world, but on Christ, essentially dehydrating sinful desires.

Take care, brethren, that there not be in any one of you an evil, unbelieving heart that falls away from the living God. But encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called “Today,” so that none of you will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.

Hebrews 3:12-13

 Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.

Colossians 3:16

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds,not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another–and all the more as you see the Day approaching. If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left…

Hebrews 10:23-26

These are all from the NIV, but I would like to point out that several other translations say “For if we keep sinning…”.  I once heard a preacher say if there’s a ‘therefore’ or a ‘for’ you need to backtrack to see what it’s “there for”. Following a verse on fellowship and encouraging each other I would say that the two things are related, would you not?

I shared a little about this in Lesson From the Garden, but here are some other thoughts on weeding:

If your hand causes you to stumble,cut it off. It is better for you to enter life maimed than with two hands to go into hell, where the fire never goes out. And if your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life crippled than to have two feet and be thrown into hell.

Mark 9:43-45

Weeding is something that must been done to keep a garden growing. The roots of weeds will quickly choke our the plants your are trying to grow, tangling them hopelessly with their own. They steal vital nutrients from the soil. When you weed, you must not only get the leaves, or sprout, but the root as well. If you don’t take the root of the weeds, they will grown right back.
We need to pray daily and ask God to reveal the weeds of sin in our lives. To help us discover the roots of those sins. We have to keep on top of it. Weeds grow out of control quickly. If you see a weed and think “It’s just a small one, so I’ll leave it for another day.”, you have messed up big time. They, just like sin, grow exponentially.
Does a TV show or book cause you to dwell on lustful thoughts (as an example)? Stop watching or reading it.
Friends influence you to sin? Stop spending so much time with them. Surround yourself with godly friends who will encourage you to pursue God and hold your accountable. Find a mentor. Feed your soul. Watch what you feed your mind.
I love how everyday life can illustrate Spiritual truths.

Shoe Box Packing Party

Better known as Shoe Box Sunday (or Saturday) in some places, is a fun event, with a mind and heart towards missions.  A lot of churches get together to pack shoe boxes.
Shobox Packing Party @godschickiThey allow people who might not be able to do a whole shoe box on their own to participate in packing a box, and those who cannot be there to help financially, and generally get more people involved. Plus, extras from multiple item packages can be shared to make even more boxes.

How to Start

Pray for guidance.
Talk to your pastor and shoe box coordinator (if you don’t have one, perhaps you can coordinate the event and get the event boxes to a local drop off point). You will need their support to plan an event like I am about to describe, though, it could be done as a small group project or home school group project with some minor tweaking.
A place in your church to store shoe box supplies as they come in would be a great idea (that way people do not feel as though they have to hold onto shoe boxes or sale items in their homes and are more likely to participate).
Set a goal. How many boxes has God laid on your heart to see filled in this event? Having a goal spurs people on. Do not be afraid to have faith that God will do big things. Remember: if you aim at nothing you are sure to hit it.
Let Samaritan’s Purse know you’re planning a party, you can do that (and find some more tips and helps) here.

Put the word out.

Let your congregation know what OCC is about. Share some stories. Share the vision (and goal) that has been laid on your heart.
Ask you congregation to begin looking for sales on shoe box items (hello back to school sales!) and shoe boxes. Having a list of item ideas helps. 
You can ask people to put together mini sewing kits, toys, tackle boxes, or crochet or knit scarves and hats (to name a few things you can do). Pinterest has so many crafty shoe box filler ideas. Handmade items are always special. Encourage people who wish to make these items to pray for the children who will receive them as they make them. I am trying to get some ideas together to make a post of different fillers you can make.
Monetary donations can be welcomed to cover the cost of shoe boxes filled at the party (It costs $7 per box to ship).
You could also invite your neighboring churches to join you.
Remind them several times throughout the year (especially at sale times)

Find a date and invite people

Usually near the National Collection Week (which is-this year- November 16-23, 2015).
It can be any day your group meets or if a church wide event, it can be a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Keep in mind that it might be 2-4 hours, so you’ll likely want to start with lunch-brown bag is nice because everyone brings their own, and you don’t have to do set up or take up space, but it you have the room you could do a potluck.
Ask people to come and help pack shoe boxes. Simple, but here are a couple of things you’ll want to include:

  • Time and date (kind of a duh thing, but do not forget it!)
  • That they can bring their own stuff to pack complete boxes or come and pack what has been donated.
  • A reminder that donations are appreciated (both of fillers and monetary donations)
  • Remind them of the goal of ____ boxes
  • If they need to bring a dish or a bagged lunch
  • If snacks/drinks will be provided

Recruit volunteers for set up

Find even just one or two people willing to come help you with the next two steps. The more the merrier and more hands make it go quicker, but it does not have to be a big crew.

Set up

Sometime the week or day before:

  • Set up tables you can use to organize and lay out items for shoe boxes.
  • Set up tables people can take their box of stuff back to and pack it in well (and also rubber band and label their boxes- you could put labels, tape and rubber bands at each table you have set up or just have one table near where you are putting finished boxes)
  • Open multi packages and bulky packages. Spreading a package of 10 cars into five boxes or 120 crayons into multiple packages makes things go further (you could even bag them up in baggies of 5-10 and make them go even further), and without the bulky packaging on some things you can get more into the boxes. One note: items like whistles and recorders it is not a great idea to open them too far ahead of time, little ones like to try them out, and if you open them just before you put them in the box there’s less chance of that.
  • Organize the tables so that people can walk down it, getting everything they need for their shoe box. For example, start with hygiene items in one area (bins and boxes help a lot here), accessories in another and school supplies in another, etc..
  • Cut out labels. They can be found on the Official OCC site 
  • Assemble the premade boxes from Samaritan’s purse (if you have ordered them)
  • Set up a wrapping station for those who want to wrap their boxes. Stock wrapping paper, scissors and tape.
  • Set up a letter writing station for people to write notes for their boxes. Equip it with paper, and pens. If you have access to a Polaroid type camera, that would be a fun thing to have so people can include a photo. You can have return address labels for the church made up to use for the address if people do not want to use their own address.
  • A box of quart or sandwich sized baggies (for items that go together or need to be wrapped-like the soap) are also handy as well as scissors and tape.
  • Do not forget rubber bands. you will need at least two per box, more if they are not thick ones

Day of

People show up, bless the food and eat.
Before you get started, maybe while everyone has their mouths fill with lunch, you should do over some instructions:

  • Explain what packing shoe boxes is about (you could even read one of the many touching Shoe Box Stories from the Offical OCC site or show one of the videos from the site)
  • Explain how things are set up, where they can find certain items (tape, rubber bands, boxes, and the filler items) and how to get started (picking an age and gender for each box they do).
  • Go over the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of shoe box packing (you can find those in this post on how to pack a shoe box)
  • Encourage them to pray for guidance as they pack, and for the child that will receive their box.
  • Remind them to think of age appropriate things for their boxes (a baby will not need a pen or size 10 flip-flops and a teen is not going to need a rattle)
  • Each box should contain: Soap and wash cloth, tooth paste and tooth-brush, and some toys and school supplies (think 2-3 pens and/or 2-3 pencils (not a whole handful, and again babies do not need pens, but maybe there are some jumbo crayons and a coloring book or stickers).
  • If you pack items such as a flash light, you need to include batteries (if not solar)-extra batteries are nice. If you pack non-mechanical pencils, you need to pack sharpeners.
  • If they brought their own items suggest that they open packages to make more room.
  • Let them know if they brought soap that it needs to be wrapped or baggied (and point out the baggies).
  • You will want to let them know they can just pop items in their box and pack it better at their table after they have come through the line so it does not take forever for everyone to get through.
  • Tell them that once their box is packed, they need to rubber band it and attach the label to one end of the lid.
  • Keep going until you run out of stuff. If you have left over items, but not enough to make a complete box (the basic hygiene items, accessories, toys, school supplies), box them up and take them to the Collection Drop Off so they can pass them onto the distribution center. They will use it to put into boxes that may have toys but not hygiene items (in example).

It is helpful to have your volunteers ‘man’ the tables of fillers, offering guidance on packing shoe boxes, and were to find items, as well as answering questions and keeping bins stocked, though it you are in a hallway, you might just want one or two at most there at a time since it will be very busy and might be close quarters. You might also want them hanging around any of the ‘stations’ you have set up and keeping an eye on any snacks or drinks you may have supplied (to keep things full, get more cups, etc).
If possible, you can set up a tv to watch Shoe Box videos as you pack. I am not an A/V tech and I do not know how to begin to tell you to set this up (each church is set up differently). You can find videos on the offical OCC site.
You could also ask people to fast lunch during the packing party. The only thing about doing that is if you have children helping it is not advisable.
Later that night, you could host a prayer service to pray over the boxes and lives that will be touched.
This was a long post, while I am not sure I covered everything, I hope it inspires you and gives you an idea of where to start.

How to Pack a Shoe Box for Operation Christmas Child.

I had most of this post written Thursday, but failed utterly in polishing and posting it. Laundry has not been bad, but kids are not sleeping, which means mama is not sleeping, so getting through simple tasks take much longer and it’s harder to focus!
The Official Operation Christmas Child Site  has a great page on shoebox packing, but here is the lowdown and some tips and tricks I have learned.
Shoe Box Packing Tips and Info @godschicki


Ask God to guide you through the process, picking an age and gender, as well as guiding gift-giving thoughts and wisdom for what your child will need.

Choose a gender/age range.

The age groups are:
2-4 years old
5-9 years old
10-14 years old

Get your shoebox

Plastic boxes are nice because they are more durable and a child can us it to store special things in it, but most shoe boxes would work.
Samaritan’s Purse has special shoe boxes you can order if you like, you can get info on that here (they come in cartons of 100 for a small donation-production and shipping costs, to have them sent to my zip it would be $35). This is great if you are having an event (more on that tomorrow) or you are doing it as a group project.
If you wish to wrap you box, please wrap the lid and bottom separately.
Official instructions and labels (labels are required) can be printed from this page.

Do’s and Don’ts of Box Filling

Don’t Include

  • War related items ( toy guns, swords, knives, grenades, military figures, etc)
  • Damaged Items
  • Chocolate, food, medications, or vitamins
  • Seeds
  • Breakable items, glass containers or snow globes
  • Liquids. Liquid Soap, Lotion or Bubbles (I know, it’s a bummer, but do not do it!).
  • Aerosol Containers


Think about what a child of that age would need/enjoy you wouldn’t give a baby a toy with small parts or an older child a rattle, or give a 14 year old baby sized socks.
Shop and/or craft
Suggested Items (Do Include):

  • Toys (Dolls, deflated balls with a pump and needle to inflate them, cars, small balls, slinkies, baby rattles or toys, stacking cups or blocks, Frisbees, marbles, jacks, the list could go on and on!)
  • School Supplies (crayons for the younger ones with note pads, pencil, paper erasers, notebooks, stickers, rulers, solar calculators, coloring books (my note: less wordy books are better since you never know what language your child will speak), pens, stencils, again the list could go on)
  • Hygiene Items (I believe each box needs to have a bar of soap, wash cloth, tooth paste and a tooth brush, other items you could include: combs, hair ties, headbands barrettes, deodorant, etc, just no liquids)
  • Accessories (socks, hats, shoes, flip flops, scarves, tshirts, sunglasses, backpack (think more the draw-string kind than something big and bulky) or reusable bag, flashlight and batteries, etc)
  • A personal note and photo of your family. If you include your address (or your church’s address if this is an event) the child who receives your box may be able to write to you.
  • $7 per box to cover shipping your box (The flyer notes: “Donate your $7 online and discover the destination of your shoebox. We’ll email you a special FollowYour-Box label to print and use. Later, you’ll receive a notification about the destination of your shoebox gift.” Also, if you are making multiple boxes, combine your donation into one payment)

Some other great ideas:

  • Instruments (or at least toy versions-whistles, toy recorders (you know, the ones you blow into-but do not use it yourself-and mind your kids carefully), maracas, tambourine, etc)
  • Craft Items for older girls (sewing kit, fabric squares, etc)
  • Jewelry for older girls
  • Small fishing kits for older boys
  • Small tools for older boys
  • Blankets for younger kids
  • Hand puppet or finger puppets for younger kids

Shop. Or craft

I will be sharing some awesome ideas soon on some cool things you can put together yourself for shoe boxes.

Pack your boxes

Wrap up soap in baggie (if you get wash cloths, fold in half and wrap around soap before bagging.
Open packages there are some you might not want to open, but by and large packaging takes a lot of space plus if you get a package of say, six cars, you can break that up into a couple of boxes.
Once everything is in your box, rubber band it (a rubber band at each end is great and works out best) and put your label on one end of the LID.
You can get your printable labels on the Operation Christmas Child Site.
You can take your shoe box to a local drop off point, or mail it. Find out more about locations on the Official OCC Site here.
I love Dollar stores for this, but here are a few things I’ve found

  • The cars are not great, splurge on them at Walmart (they aren’t terribly expensive, I’ve seen them at $.98 even)
  • Buying a package of washcloths is cheaper at say walmart
    You can coupon items like toothpaste (though Dollar Tree takes coupons now though, so…)

Thing I love getting at dollar stores

  • Tooth brushes (five pack with travel covers is a great deal and you can put them towards 5 boxes-if you are only packing one, why not let people know and offer to share packages of multiple items?)
  • Dollies
  • Fleece blanket
  • Socks (again, keep ages in mind as far as sizing goes)
  • Marbles
  • Combs
  • Hair pretties
  • Reusable bags
  • Fun towels (you know, the ones you put in water and it grows)
  • Flash lights
  • Erasers, school supplies

Having a basic idea of price in your area is a good idea. Getting the most for your money means being able to share with more kids. Walmart had a recent sale on notebooks, for $.17 each-so for $1.70 you could get 10 (they are usually $.88), while at a dollar store you can get them for $1 each. This kind of sale is best if you are doing it in a group or as a church (more on that in the next post), but if you do pick up extras, take them when you take your shoe boxes because they can be added to other boxes.
I am not promising to have it up tomorrow (if I can get it up today I will), but I am working on a post about how to get your whole church involved.

Operation Christmas Child & A Funny Story

Operation Christmas Child @godschicki
Operation Christmas Child is a ministry that is near and dear to my heart. Part of Samaritan’s Purse’s outreach ministries, it seeks to share God’s love by putting a shoe box full of gifts into the hands of children who wouldn’t usually get anything for Christmas.
I was blessed to be a part of a church that really got into this ministry. It was a area drop off point, and every year we had a shoe box packing party one Sunday after church (using, in large part, things that church members had gotten throughout the year and we had stored at church for the event).
As our kids get older, I want them to be involved in this, and other outreaches. To teach them about giving and thinking of others ahead of themselves.
Reading some of the stories from these kids makes me cry almost every time. Hearing how a pair of shoes or notebooks can change lives and make someone feel loved is moving.
Back to school is a great time of year to think of this ministry. Between getting new shoes (hello boxes!) and the sales on school supplies, it is a good time to stock up.
I have really felt lead to share ideas on how you can get involved, or better yet, get your church into it (if it isn’t already) or add some new ideas to help make the most of this wonderful outreach.
Tomorrow I will share about how you can pack your own box (or 10), with some ideas to make every cent count.
Thursday I will share about how to help your church set up a Shoe Box Packing Party.
At some point soon, I will post some unique ideas I’ve seen for shoe box stuffers.
This is such a great ministry, and a wonderful way to teach your kids about giving, prayer and missions.
If you can not wait until then (or if I get totally waylaid by laundry as has been known to happen), please check out the Official Website for Operation Christmas Child.

This week’s The Loft Prompt is “A Funny Story”
I’ve been trying to think of a particular funny story all week. There are probably thousands of them I know, but to think of one off the top of my head? Without further prompt? My mommy brain has been bad. The last few weeks have been on little sleep. Not great for thinking!
Last night I finally thought of one.
For years (something like 14) my church did a particular program for Easter. I was a part of it for 2 or 3 before we moved into our new building and ended the run.
The first year, I was just one woman who sat in the crowd as a follower of Christ when the actor portraying Him ‘taught’.
The second year I was in ‘the healing scene’ when several of the miraculous healings where portrayed, as the woman who touched them hem of Jesus’ garment.
During one of the last rehearsals, the man who played a lame man who is also healed by Jesus asked a question about timing.
Only he couldn’t think of my title (okay, so “the woman who touches Jesus’ garment” is a tough one I guess), so he said something to the effect of “you know, that….that…that Jezebel woman, you know, the harlot?”.
I knew he meant me. Everyone else knew he meant me. Our pastor said something along the lines of “You mean Robbi’s character?”
So, the rest of the week I got called Jezebel. A lot. Actually, it was for a while after that I was jokingly called Jezebel.
At the cast party I did get a spuddy award though. It was a most auspicious award given to those who had made some of the most memorable moments during that week. Somewhere, I have a picture of a potato dressed up with a lacy skirt, a bikini top, it’s face was very made up and long, flowing curly hair. I wish I knew right off hand where that was.
My consolation in that was the guy who made the flub up also got one. It was “the gospel according to Tony” award. His spud was dressed in a tunic and was carrying ‘tablets’ (think small sticky pads) that had “squiggle, squiggle, squiggle, Jezebel, squiggle, squiggle, squiggle, the harlot, squiggle, squiggle, squiggle” on them.
I hope you have enjoyed this post, the information and the funny story.
The Loft @godschicki

With Every Breath

With Every Breath @godschicki
Matt Redman’s Let Everything That Has Breath talks about praising God with every breath that we have.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLhWVizRNHg&w=560&h=315]
Singing this in youth one night I really got to thinking about the emphasized lyrics above.  I was reminded a a scripture from James:

With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.
                                                         James 3:9-12

If praise for our Heavenly Father is coming out of our mouths, we won’t have time to say bad things about or to people.
There’s another verse that goes with this:

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.
                                                             Ephesians 4:29

Something to chew on……
I wrote a post about Grace Filled Speech that goes along with this post.
Things are still a bit insane right now. I do hope to get back to posting more than once a week soon. Maybe another month or so, but I will try to do it more frequently!

Fantastic Chicken Curry

8.7.15- For some reason, this post was moved to draft status….I do not know how it happened, or if it will keep the comments it had when it was a post.
I enjoy a good curry. My attempts thus far have been okay, but not stellar. Saturday night I threw together a quick recipe that I wasn’t quite sure would work, but it did and it was fantastic.
Forgive the quality of the pictures, I just snapped them with my phone while I cooked and before we dug in.
A few notes:
I used some boneless, skinless thighs I found on sale and I really like how juice the meat was, though you could do it with breasts.
I did not make the curry powder, though I want to in the future.
I didn’t thaw and drain the vegetables, so I cooked it down a bit to get off some of the moisture and thicken it up a bit.

Chicken Curry

 Fantastic, easy chicken curry
2 (13.5 ounce) cans of coconut milk
1-2 pounds of chicken cut into 1 inch cubes
1-3 tablespoons of curry powder, depending on how spicy you like it
1 (1 pound) bag of frozen stir fry vegetables
1 medium sweet onion, sliced as thin or as thick as you like
1/4-1/2 teaspoon salt
In a good sized sauce pan (medium-large) or skillet, combine chicken, coconut milk and curry powder (start slow, you can always add more, but it is difficult to take it back and as you add ingredients you may want to add more).
Bring to a simmer over medium heat.
After about 5 minutes, add remaining ingredients and cook until onions are soft, vegetables are cooked and sauce is thickened (20-30 minutes), stirring frequently.
Serve over rice or naan.

Great Dismal Swamp State Park| A Loft Link-up Prompt

The prompt for the Loft Link-up this week is this photo:
 photo Max-Road-Diverge-368x400.jpg
The first thing that springs to mind are of the paths of a great local-ish wildlife refuge.

Great Dismal State Park @godschicki
The boardwalk at the Great Dismal Sate Park

It is the Great Dismal Swamp State Park, part of the Great Dismal National Wildlife Refuge, “….the largest intact remnant of a vast habitat that once covered more than one million acres of southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.” (according to their website)
Price: Free (I have not looked into canoe or kayak rentals)
Stroller Friendliness: **
(There are boardwalk type paths), and I believe there are ramps into the building for the wildlife exhibits. The Gift shop and Visitor’s center are accessible I believe. The hiking trails would not be great for strollers.
Kid Friendliness: **-*****
B was pretty happy to be carried around all day. I think little ones would like running round and hiking, though there is water that one could easy fall into, so depending on your kid, it’s a 2-5.
I have been there many times. It is a great place to visit. Yes, I know the thought of a dismal swamp (as if swamps are not dismal enough) sounds thrilling, but it really is a wonderful place to stop for a picnic, trek trails, canoe or kayak (I have yet to do either there yet), learn about the local wildlife and drink in the beauty of God’s creation.
Just off of Highway 17 in North Carolina, the rest area/visitor center/state park area is a great stop.
There is a visitor’s center with information (things to do and see and such) on a large part of the surrounding area and a small gift shop.
There is a newish building with all sorts of information and exhibits on the local wildlife at the State Park Building.
There is also a nice boardwalk and hiking trail, they have biking trails and I believe they have recently added an auto trail.
There are great places for a picnic, so if you are just passing by it is a great stop.
It has been a while since we hiked it. Our son was only a few months old at the time, so his auntie wore him most of the time. We have not tried it with a stroller, so I am only going on what I remember. There are also bike trails and you can
Great Dismal Swamp Trail @godschiki
One of the trails at the Great Dismal Swamp State Park

Dismal Swamp Canal @godschicki
Great Dismal Swamp Canal

A Bench on the board walk of the state park

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