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Peculiar A Lesson From Beauty & The Beast

Little girlie is a bit in love with the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. She has been walking around belting out bits and pieces of the songs for a couple of weeks now. Have you seen it? Remember the part where Belle is walking through her town and everyone is singing about what an… Continue reading Peculiar A Lesson From Beauty & The Beast

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What You Eat Matters

What do you eat daily? We are trying to eat healthier, to be better stewards of our bodies. Out has gone a lot of junk and in it’s place you will now find healthier options. If it is not in the house, it is less likely to be eaten. Eating healthier nourishes your body. Helps… Continue reading What You Eat Matters

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Finding a Mentor | A Loft Prompt

I am excited to be co-hosting at the Loft again this week. Our theme? Mentors. I have chosen to talk about finding a mentor. I like to learn. I mean, I really like to learn (except in math, that just makes my head hurt after a while). Cooking, gardening, crafting, drawing, painting, sewing, being a… Continue reading Finding a Mentor | A Loft Prompt