Walmart Grocery Pickup Review

With four children there are some days when going through Walmart with them seems like too much. Especially if we have other places to be. Unloading and loading the children again. Constantly keeping up with the two too big for the cart. Keeping the one in the cart from grabbing stuff to put in the cart or stuff already in the cart.
Picking up groceries has had some great benefits.

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Here is how it works.
You download the app. Reserve a pickup time (in my experience they usually have it ready about 15 minutes before the top of the hour that I am scheduled for). Add stuff to your cart. Check out.

Reserve a  Time

First, you choose a pickup time. Usually this is the next day. You can choose an hour time frame.

Cart total

A nice feature is being able to see your order total as you go. Then, if you have gone over budget you can go through your cart and see if there is something that you can wait on.


You can mark items ad favorites to make reordering them faster.


This is something that I was a bit hesitant to try, but you have the option to have your shopper find a substitute for any items that are out of stock. When you go to pickup your items they will let you know if that had to make any substitutions and you can decide to accept it or not.

Add to Your Order

Forget to get something? You can just add it to your list (you can change your order until about 6 hours before pickup).

Saving Catcher

Once you pickup your order you will get a savings catcher number. You simply copy and paste the number into the savings catcher app.


Unfortunately you cannot use coupons.


When your order is ready for pick up you get a notification (and text if you choose). You can check in if you want, or just call when you arrive. I always get out and help load, but you do not even have to get out of your car.


Another thing that I was hesitant about. I mean, I am rather picky about my produce. When you go to pickup your order, you can check out your produce before signing for your order, and if it does not meet with your approval they will go swap it out and let you check it again. There has only been one time that I was not happy with the produce and they made it right straight away.


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Have you used Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service?

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