Things to See in San Antonio Texas

Earlier this year we went to San Antonio to visit family. We certainly did not exhaust the list of things to see there, but we saw and did a lot.
A few notes/ disclaimers:

  • When I say ‘kid friendliness’, I mean our kids at their ages during the trip, but I did try to think through when they get older.
  • By ‘stroller friendly’, I mean our double in-line stroller (something like this)

The Alamo
In 1836 Texas was fighting to gain independence from Mexico. The battle of the Alamo lasted 13 days, with the soldiers of the Texas army being defeated by the Mexican army. Between 185-260 Texan soldiers lost their lives. Today, the only part of the fort remaining is the mission building that the soldiers retreated to, trying to fend off the army outside.
Prince Range: Free (except for parking)
Kid Friendliness: * (of 5)
Stroller Friendliness:****
For a history buff such as myself, this was such a great outing. Just to stop and drink in the history of the place, to imagine what it was like in the last days of the seige, was powerful. To look at the names of those who gave their lives for the freedom of their land. To wonder about the families and lives they left behind. Right up my ally.
Unfortunately, my 7 month and 23 month old kids weren’t so into it. Luckily my in-laws went with us and they took the kids for a walk around the grounds.
Behind the Mission, there is a lovely garden like area that is worth a look as well.
There is a gift shop with post cards, thimbles, spoons and many other souvenirs you or your loved ones may collect, as well as fun things for the kids, but pretty pricy.
We only got to walk a tiny bit of it, but it was lovely. The whole walk is about 15 miles long with pedestrian and bycicle paths. It is beautiful in the day time. I heard it was even better after dark.
Price: Free (Not counting parking)
Kid Friendliness: *
Stroller Friendliness: **
With the little ones it was a bit harder. There are no rails by the water, so kids could easily fall in if not held onto well. The walk itself was not bad for the stroller, but getting there was tricky. There are several sets of stairs on both sides, but the ramp/elevators are few and far between, and mostly on one side.
That being said, with older kids or just for the grown-ups it is a lovely walk.
Again, we only got to walk a very small part of it, so I don’t know that the above statements are true of the whole walk.
San Antonio Zoo
With a whole host of animals, this was a great day for the kids. It really does take whole day to see it all (and we barely did).
Price: **
Kid Friendliness: *****
Stroller Friendliness: *****
If you live in the area I think it would definitely be worth a membership.
The kids had a blast checking out the animals and running around. Then, near the end of the day, we discovered the Tiny Tot Nature Lot. I doubt we would have seen much of the zoo if we’d headed there first! We took snacks and water bottles and had sandwiches in the car. I only peeked, but food is a bit pricey.
San Antonio Aquarium
Fairly new, housed in an old car dealership, this aquarium is pretty fun, with a chance to get up close and hands on with many of the animals and sea creatures.
Price: **
Kid Friendliness: *****
Stroller Friendliness:*****
Our 7 month old enjoyed touching the sting wrays more than our 23 month old, but it was a lot of fun. You can touch starfish, an octopus (if it’s up near the top of the tank), little sharks, an iguana, parrots, birds, and turtles. Most of them you can feed for a token (not sure how much they are).
It’s not huge, but a nice couple of hours. Perfect if you have a rainy day to pass.
Honestly, for the admission fee I don’t know if we would have gone if it hadn’t been paid for us. Though, you can purchase tickets online and save $2.
They have a nice picnic area outside with a little fountain/pool feature perfect for littles to splash in.
Inside is also a bounce house for an additional fee, along with a cafe.

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