The best homemaking advice

Shortly after I married, I read somewhere that the best advice for a homemaker was to keep a list pad on the refigerator and write down items you need from the store as you see that you need them. It is some of the best adivce I have ever read. When I make out a menu for the week (or longer), I take stock of our freezer and pantry and write down anything else we need.
I believe the list pad is one of the greatest kitchen organizing tools ever.
Recently I read another good idea. Have a list of leftover in the refrigerator. I use a magnetic picture frame with a white background to write down the week’s menu options, I can underline leftovers so we can easily see what’s in the frig for lunches or a leftover night. I also keep a list of produce that is in the refrigerator. Both of these little lists cut down on wasted food.
I need to print off and fill out pantry and freezer inventories to post on the frig and freezer so I can easily take stock and prep meals.
Another list pad I keep on my frig is a to-do list. Not my master to-do list, but five or six things I need to do that day.
You may notice that I start writing on the bottom of the pad, that is so I can just tear off a short list if I only have a few things to get or do.
The best part of this organizer? It is pretty inexpensive. You can find adorable list pads at dollar or craft stores for $1 (or less).
What is your favorite bit of homemaking advice? How do you use list pads?

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