Recruiting Workers for Children's Ministry

No ministry can function without workers. They are a vital part of children’s ministry.

It should be stressed that this is a commitment. Having a heart for a ministry, being willing to work it is different than being committed to it. They need to be 100% on board with the vision, the plan. 

If they find out they will not be able to be there on their Sunday, either find a replacement asap and get them the lesson or contact the coordinator asap. This will help avoid last minute scrambling to cover your schedule. Leaders should make an effort to not change schedules, with helpers it is a little less vital that they be as prepared with the lesson and activities as the leader.

This is a ministry and should be viewed and prayed over as such. It is ministering, not babysitting. Workers are

ministering to parents by providing a safe place for their children to learn about Christ. Most importantly it is ministering to the precious little ones, teaching them about God. This should be something workers are called to, given a passion for, and have pray about.

Workers should come prepared. Kids know when you’re not prepared, mentally or with the lesson. They know when they have the run of the place. This is an act of worship-teaching little ones about Christ. You need to prepare your heart. Pray over the lesson as you prepare it.

Most importantly, workers must be in the Word daily. How can you pour into the lives of these little ones if you are empty?

New worker packages: listing policies, procedures and expectations-every worker should get one at first, then as new helper come along they get one.

Workers should be aware of what they are wearing. I have worked with several ladies who, when they bent over to pick something up, revealed quite a bit.

There was one lady I worked with who, when asked by a little one about his mommy, she told him “Mommy is playing with trucks too, I bet she’d like you to keep playing with your truck.” She then informed me whenever he asked she always told him mommy was doing whatever he was doing (or something he could do if he wasn’t doing anything yet). I was horrified. This child will grow up thinking mommy’s church is just a big play time. In cases like this it should be encouraged that the workers say something to the effect of “Mommy is learning about Jesus, I bet she’d like you to learn as well.” Or “Mommy’s worshiping right now, why don’t we worship too”. ( Of course, this is only possible with some kind of structure.)

Workers should use their imaginations and encourage the children to use theirs as well.

Workers should pray that God would give them eyes to see the teachable moments given them with the kids and the words to make the most of those opportunities.

Workers should begin teaching kids to listen for words that will help them focus on God. Words such as church, God, Jesus, worship, prayer. Teach them that when they hear these words they should begin to get their hearts ready for learning about God.

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