Lessons from a Tea Bag

I love a good cup of tea. A nice, fruity cup of tea. Here lately, the teas I have used have been medicinal. Still quite tasty, but they serve some sort of function.
Have you ever really thought about a tea bag?
These might be some early morning ramblings that make little sense to anyone else, but I think there’s a great analogy ¬†or two here.
You will never get orange spice tea if you only fill your tea bag with blueberries.
If we as Christ followers are constantly filling our minds and hearts with junk instead of the Word of God, how are we to bear meaningful fruit for Christ?
Much of today’s media is not only junk, it often makes fun of Christ followers. When we fill our minds and hearts of the world’s notions of love, romance, good, and acceptable language and actions, how can we expect to bear godly fruit?
The popular phrase when I was a teen was “Garbage in, garbage out.” If we are putting junky TV, books, and music into our heads, it does not take long for it to begin affecting our hearts.
Like a glass constantly having liquid poured in, eventually what we are feeding our minds and hearts will overflow.
Are will filling up with Living Water, or murky
Today’s world is high pressure, we have to hot waters of stresses poured on us at least daily, of not several times a day. What kind of tea is your teabag producing?
I once read this quote by

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