Ditching Shampoo

No ‘Poo
When I first heard of people going no ‘poo a few years ago I thought it was pretty gross. I mean, really? If I didn’t wash my hair every other day it got greasy, fast. Since then I have learned a lot.
Even ‘natural’ shampoos are filled with a lot of chemical junk. Don’t get me started on your run-of-the-mill drug store shampoo, many of which still contain chemicals that disrupt hormones that have been linked to early puberty and other health issues.
Looking at chemicals in today’s hair products (even many ‘natural’ ones), I decided to look into it more. I found a great shampoo bar recipe that I gave a shot. It worked well, though left my hair a bit greasy. I fixed that by using apple cider vinegar as a conditioner.
Life as a new mom got busy and I decided to give no ‘pooing a chance.
The first few months (yes, months-two and a half), were kind of rough. My scaple was getting used to not being stripped of it’s natural oils, and was producing enough oil to still compensate for being stripped.
I used baking soda a couple of times to ‘wash’ my hair and used apple cider vinegar as a rinse to conditioner.
Then I read this article by. I gave using just water a shot. Every once in awhile I would do baking soda, but I found it left my scalp making more oil than when I used simply water. Then I read this article about how baking soda can destroy hair.
For about a year I used water alone to wash my hair. I recently found a ‘recipe’ for a honey wash here. I gave it a shot and I love it! So, here is my recipe for a nice honey wash:
⅓ cup honey (raw is best, but I just use plain ol’ (real) honey)
⅔-1 cup of water
Mix well and store in a squirt bottle.
I have heard of it getting funny after a while, so you can scale down the recipe if you need to. I have loads of hair, and though I really just try to apply it to my scalp when my hair is wet, it still takes a lot. This recipe does one wash for me.

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