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Children's Ministry

I have gone back and forth on sharing this topic. A lot. Part of me says just share my views. Part of me says share both sides to help equip churches.
As a parent I prefer my kids to sit with us in church. To be a part of the body. To see mama and daddy worship and learn from example.
I do feel like churches should include kids in worship more.
I also know that if they are going to have a ministry, it should be with a standard of excellence.
Some churches just do not have any idea where to begin. Some get frustrated when trying something new and give up before they give it a proper try-out. Some have just let there standards slip.
I have been involved in children’s ministries for about 15 years now (!). Iwas a part of an amazing children’s ministry with a leader committed to excellence for almost 10 years. It was such a blessing to learn and be a part of that team.
I have been the worker who sees things from a different perspective than the parents. I am now a parent and see the other side.
Here’s what I am going to do. I am feeling lead to share both side of the coin. I am going to put up a series of posts on children’s ministry and keeping your kids with you. I pray that you would be open to what the Lord is calling you, as a parent or children’s minister to do.
In this series of post I will go over:

  • Why Children’s Ministry
  • How to Set Goals
  • Recruiting Workers
  • Sample Routines
  • Sample Worker Packet and Training Ideas
  • Sample Rules
  • Sample Parent Info Pack
  • Sample Procedures
  • Sample Poems and Songs
  • Curriculum Ideas
  • Recommended Reading and Music Ideas
  • Ministry “Event” Ideas
  • Why Children in Church
  • Ideas to Involve Children in The Service

I know this isn’t really much of a post per-say, but I will be added links to the above list as I post the writings.

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