Decluttering Journey:More Than Plasticware

Decluttering Journey:More Than Plasticware @godschicki
The other day I snapped this picture, because for me, it was a bit of a milestone after having learned several lessons.
Just plastic ware, right?
Yes. It totally is.
But my old brain says….

  • The red ones you got for your wedding (sentimental)
  • You paid for the others and they are not broken (frugal)
  • What if you find you could use them for organizing …..I don’t even know what yet, but you *could* need them….(frugality-what get rid of them if I might need them?/creative-what could they be, how could I reuse)
  • The green ones are so cute (Creative? not sure what that voice was…)

None of them good reasons to keep them.
The newer voice in my brain says…

  • You don’t need them, you got glassware for Christmas.
  • Someone else can use them now.
  • You don’t have space since you are replacing them with glassware.
  • Cute is great-if it’s still functional for you, but they aren’t.

Good reasons to get rid of them. So, I did. Me a year ago would have kept all of them. I did keep a few that I can use NOW (crayons, small toys), but the rest are gone, sent off to the thrift store.
Small victory in the war on clutter, but a victory nonetheless, paving the way for future victories.
What small victory have you won lately? (not necessarily in the war on clutter)
What voices in your head do you struggle with when decluttering or in you daily homemaking?

Decluttering~The Struggle is Real

Decluttering:My Struggle is Real @godschicki
Full disclosure: While I love the idea of being a homemaker, and am pretty good at quite a few skills that help make up that role, I stink at keeping things tidy. Cleaning I can handle, decluttered, that’s another story.
I tend to hold onto things for a variety of reasons that I have learned much about over the past year or so.
I lost my dad when I was young. I am very sentimental.
I grew up in a home where we did not waste anything and reused what we could because we had to.
We did things as inexpensively as we could, again, because we had to.
We lived 45 minutes from the closest Walmart, so when we went we had to stock up.
I look at something and see what it *could* be with a bit of love and maybe some paint.
Our house is by no means an episode of hoarders, but it is very cluttered.
(If anyone cares, the ‘h’ word above is one I *hate*, like I have seen some people get funny over words that they hate, that is how I am over that one and fart. Probably the only two words I am that way with, but there you have it…now, where was I?)
Growing up, we never really had much of a cleaning schedule or routine. My mom’s mom had a maid when she was young, so she did not learn. I did not learn many of the habits I am working on now.
There are several books and resources I have been using over the past year to help learn about my brain and these helpful habits, I will post more about those later.
Example of habits I am working on: if you are done with it put it away-right away. Seriously, like when you strain the teabag, just chuck it, do not ever set it down to forget it; or instead of leaving the bottle of sauce I just dumped part of into dinner on the counter or stove, just put it back in the cabinet or frig.
Yeah. Very basic and stuff most people grew up with. I did not.
I am trying to teach my kids those habits. With an almost 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old, it is hard, but if they learn now, it will be better for them when they grow up. I have to establish those habits myself first. To change their normal.
Now that I am understanding how my brain works more, I just have to figure out how to get stuff done with the kids.
That’s been my biggest frustration recently. After asking in several groups of Christian moms, how they get things done with small kids, all I got was “lower your standards”.
Um, they are pretty low right now. If I manage to get a load of laundry, a load of diapers and a load of dishes done, and keep the kids happy and fed, it is a good day.
But, that’s not going to make progress. Right now the only time I have to go through stuff is when Daddy takes the kids out on the weekend for a few hours, or when my sweet family comes and helps out with the kids for a few days.
Do you have ideas on decluttering with small kids underfoot? How do you order your days to get stuff done with littles underfoot?