Age Groups
4-1sy grade
Each class shall have two-three workers.  One leader and  1-2 helpers. If two of the workers are related,  a nonrelated worker shall be present.
Diaper changes.
Parents are encouraged to do potty breaks/diaper changes before class. If nessicary,  diaper changes shall be done by a female  worker over 21. Parents shall provide diapers, wipes, powder or diaper cream. If not provided, donated diaper and wipe shall be used. Hands are to be washed before and after each diaper change.  Workers shall not retract foreskin of uncircumcised boys, just wipe penis as you would a finger. Used changing pad covers and play pen/crib sheets shall be put in ‘soiled basket’ at end of session (located ______). Trash from session must be taken out and put in can/dumpster located _____. Replacement bags located ____. Clean crib/play pen sheets and changing pad covers located_____ _____.
Incedent reports shall be filled out ____. Parents of each child and children’s minister shall each receive a copy.
In the event of evacuation,  workers are to take children in their care to _____, our designated meeting place. Parents are to pick up children as soon as possible from meeting place.

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